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Who Rule the World? Girls – Part 2a: When the Bullied Becomes the Bully

Library-land has had more than its fair share of Internet bullying of late (see this and this) and I thought I had seen it all.   I thought we had reached the darkest portions of the ugly underbelly of the … Continue reading

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I am Powered By Drupal!

First, the good stuff:  It’s ALIVE!  You can go to, which will redirect you to and you can see my shiny new Drupal site.  I am officially powered by Drupal! (I may have actually cackled like Frankenstein when … Continue reading

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Tech Interlude #2 – I Built a Drupal Thing!

Drupal was on my radar since August, when I went to Drupal Camp CT. (Read about those experiences here.) After camp, Life got in the way, so any tinkering with Drupal was put off to the side….for over six months. … Continue reading

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Tech Interlude: Git to the Hub

Yesterday, thanks to a great tutorial from the Library Code Year Interest Group, I completed my first successful project on GitHub. If you don’t know what GitHub is, it’s a web-based open source repository for collaboration on software development.   … Continue reading

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Oh, Back to School, Back to School, To Prove to Dad that I’m not a Fool: A Review of Various Online Learning Modules

(Title Reference. We had a running joke with this movie in high school.) It’s no secret that online learning fascinates me. Regular readers – all six of you 🙂 – know that my undergraduate education was in the Internet’s infancy, … Continue reading

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Drupal Camp CT

After a two week hiatus for the Olympics (because swimming, track and other sports one can only see ever four years trumps librarianship, at least in my world), I’m back to the blog (as well as a normal sleep schedule) and … Continue reading

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Be a #MakerGirl

I love DIY.  I loved CRAFT Magazine when it was still published in print, (RIP print issues but I do love your blog) and I love MAKE Magazine since it incorporates some of CRAFT’s ideas alongside electronics and technology. A … Continue reading

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